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Handwriting Meme by LightningRaider
Handwriting Meme
Some people think my handwriting is so neat... hahaha! Poor saps!
1. "Wacom Bamboo Tablet" "LightningRaider"
2. "Right-Handed"
3. "G, d, y, f, m, z, s, a, k, R"
4. "q, p, C, c, e, E" "I write really fast sometimes, so these guys get mixed"
5. The capital is pretty easy to read, but the lower looks all mashed... <x3
6. Had to use the Trackpad since I don't have a mouse at the moment.
7. Oh. My. God... *Laughs for days*
8. Yep.
9. "'Because she's hell on heels, and she turns my wheels. With her Devil's smile and Angel's eyes, she's got me all hypnotized! She's hell on heels!'" - Boss' Daughter by Pop Evil
10. Hahaha, so wiggly!
11. "Maybe on accident, but no." "However, I do turn the paper about 35 degrees."
12. "I don't dot my 'i's but I do cross my 't's because how else would you know it's a 't'?"
13. "My grandmother, mother, and a few of my friends."
By: :iconrewynd-studio:
Blank Meme: Click Here
Create Your Own Shikihime  - Meme by LightningRaider
Create Your Own Shikihime - Meme
Shikihime Garden [EN] [JA] is an originally Japanese game create by Appirits Games Project. This game consists of Shikihime (Shi - Death, Ki - Spirit, Hime - Princess), who go through multiple maps killing monsters and collecting them as well as other needed materials along the way. Though the leveling system is a bit slow, this is an addicting game with a nice community to conversate with along the journey.

The game would be considered a card game, being as everything is a card of which you can collect and unify together to make stronger and sturdier cards. To do this you are going to have to go out on the map and collect monsters and materials of which your Hime will consume to level up and/or gain more stats. Once your Hime reaches her maximum level, and you have the same kind of Hime that has also reached the maximum level you can unify them for a chance to get a stronger Hime from the next tier. It is recommended that during Unity to have the percentage to 100 because with 99% there is still a chance that you will be defeated and have all your hard work wasted. 

The tiers work like this:
   ↑    →      →      →     →   ↓
Basic → Variant Basic → Elite → Variant Elite → Superior → Superior Ex.Rare
                          Rare → Extremely Rare

Foreign → Foreign Rare

Well... sort of. xD

Anyways, you always need things for Unity and the percentage get lower each tier you got up so you'll need more each time. his give you the incentive to go out and gather things because you want to be the strongest so you can defeat crazy battles (Subjugation).

There is also a Garden where you can plant things, have them grow, and get other things that will make you Hime stronger!

Really addicting, cute, and fun, too!
Yes, you may fill this out, please, be my guest!
Of course, you're going to need some information! Well, I'm going to take you to the English Wiki so you can get all the information you would need.


Don't be afraid to look around, you know!
If you don't have Photoshop, Sai, or any other program that takes PSD files go here: PNG File
Any questions? Please ask!
My Sample: Alastriona


United States

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